A Good Day

Now that it is winter, the days have become short and the nights are getting colder.  Sometimes if I teach an extra class after the normal school day ends, I see the sun rise on the bus on my way to work and then see it set over the ocean on my way home.  It’s always beautiful, but sometimes a little depressing; it means I have no daylight hours away from work!  It certainly does make me appreciate the weekends, though.
Sunsets are most beautiful on Fridays and on weekends.
Last weekend, I stayed in Casablanca and didn’t really do anything special.  But just being here, seeing friends, enjoying what is around me, and taking the chance to rest made it a great weekend.  It’s the little things that make all the difference!  Here are some of the highlights.
  • I drank avocado juice for lunch.  Who knew that would be so good?  It’s smooth, a little tangy, and sweet because of the orange juice it’s mixed with.  My boyfriend had dried fruit and nut juice, which you sip but then chew.
  • I went for two good runs in my neighborhood, and saw some nice things along my way.  For example, it seems that strawberry season is beginning.
  • I went to the top floor of a restaurant in the old medina, and could sit and watch everything going on down below.


  • A member of the church choir encouraged me to go to Wednesday bible study, where there is always Indian food, and said that since it is over late he will give me a ride home on his motorbike.
  • I twice had to get off the tram at a random stop because the rest of the line wasn’t working, but then I realized that I could just walk home anyway. Casablanca isn’t so big if you’re willing to walk a bit!


    Some of the streets in the centreville are very pretty, in a falling apart sort of way.

  • I got my ears pierced after about a decade of wanting to do so.  The man who did it told me the starter earrings were really good quality, made in USA.  I told him, so am I!  This weekend my plan is to go shopping for earrings, though I would actually kind of like some made in Morocco.

Today is the first day of my winter break, and my mom just arrived on Wednesday.  We are planning on drinking avocado juice but not on seeing many sunrises.

My Own Report Card

I just gave out report cards to my students to track their progress in their first semester of school.  I don’t think anyone is going to give me a grade on what I’ve learned this fall and on my adjustment to post-college life, but I wrote notes for a final essay anyway.  Here is what I have learned in the first semester of my freshman year of life.

  • Everything costs money (except walking).  This is a lot less of a problem if you are getting a regular paycheck.
  • Working 40+ hours a week is really tiring – but it makes you truly appreciate the weekends.
  • Staying healthy takes time (time to exercise, rest, form positive social groups, and buy, chop, wash, and cook vegetables)
  • Image

    These flowers are healthy.

  • I looooove to cook.  I like using seasonal vegetables, I like making up recipes, and I like baking bread.  I don’t, however, like following recipes or instructions.
  • I am Christian.  I was a bit confused about what I believed throughout college, so it’s nice to have figured this out.
  • It is really nice to have Christian coworkers because you never have to defend your beliefs.  However, I think it is also nice to have friends of other religions.
  • I love learning languages.  I think Standard Arabic is one of the most beautiful languages, and I also really like speaking French.
  • My sister is really cool.  I also knew that already, but in this past year we’ve had really good trips to visit each other abroad.

We also take super cool pictures of ourselves.

    • I’m really thankful to have a roommate.  I like being alone sometimes, but I much prefer to be alone together.
    • I really like to run, and feel a lot better about everything after running.  I already knew this, but the fact that I’ve been able to continue to run regularly has been wonderful.
    • I need to complain more.  My roommate complained to anyone who would listen about how cold our apartment is, and someone anonymously gave her a huge comforter.  I, however, continued to suffer silently.
    • I’m never going to be an amazing singer, even though I do enjoy singing.  That’s okay, I guess.
  • Image

    Who wouldn’t want to be able to sing like these guys? They’re certainly enjoying it.

  • I like listening to stories from my students, whether they are adults or kindergarteners.  I don’t really like disciplining them though, so I think I am best suited to working with small groups.
  • I really like Morocco.  I like my friends here, I like the tram, I like my church, I like the ocean, I like the stores on my street, I like the architecture, and I like avocado juice.  I am very happy living here and do not want to leave, at least for a while.
  • Image

    Waiting for the tram isn’t so bad when it’s this sunny.

In three more days I’ll be on winter break, and in only one my mom will arrive!  I’ve got to rest up so that I’m ready for the second semester of my freshman year of life.