Sisters in Marrakech

As you know if you have been following my blog, my big sister is the best.  Not just among all of my sisters, but probably among all sisters everywhere.  Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I got to spend a long weekend with my her in Marrakech.  Not only did we go swimming every day, do yoga on our balcony, and spend some quality sister time together, we also took hundreds of photos documenting our sisterhood.


We’ve gotten better at matching over the years.


My sister is now really good at yoga, so we were more creative with our sister photos this time than usual.

Not all photos were a success, but we came out with some great ones in the end!

My Best Sister now lives in the U.S., and is quite happy being there.  My husband and I are planning to move to Boston next fall, where I’ll do my masters.  Thanks to my sister we are excited about things like seeing my family regularly, living somewhere with more trees than cars, and eating yams and black beans.  And of course, having much more regular Best Sister time.



More Mountains

The trips into the mountain ranges of Morocco continue! Last weekend I went to a Berber village in the High Atlas mountains near Marrakech. The village was on top of a mountain, meaning that just getting to it was part of the fun.  It took us about two hours to navigate the winding path up the side of the mountain.  It was worth the hike; when we got to the top, we were greeted by a man who is trying to develop the village up there by building the schoolhouse and improving how the families share resources for their crops. We also got to try his blackberry, fig, and rosehip jams, and to sit on the terrace in the afternoon and face this view:

IMG_4252 copy

When we walked up to the village’s reservoir, we could see all of their sloping barley fields and the village perched on the hill.

IMG_4270 copy

The views were also beautiful at night.  We could see so many stars, and the birds chirped all through the evening.

IMG_4265 copyIMG_4259 copy








The landscape in the south of Morocco is very different from that of the northern and coastal areas, as we saw on our drive back through Marrakech.  There are more palms trees, and it becomes very hot and dry in the summer away from the coast.

IMG_4281 copyThis weekend reminded me that I have more places in Morocco to see.  I better get started planning some weekend trips!