Mint tea, almond pastilla, and flavored yogurts are staples in Morocco, but unfortunately have one thing in common: lots of sugar.  Based on recent books, studies, and experiments of sugar-free life, more evidence is coming out that sugar is one of the worst things we can eat.  Supposedly it works like any addictive substance, so that once you start putting three sugar cubes in your morning tea, you can’t easily cut back to two.  Sugar can be hard to avoid in packaged foods, and sweet treats are often offered as a sign of hospitality, making them hard to refuse.


Just because those pastries are green doesn’t mean they’re good for you.

My mom and I have decided to see what the no-sugar revolution is all about by cutting sugar out of our lives for five weeks.  We read that a sugar-free diet can lead to withdrawal symptoms, rapid weight loss, and drastically improved health.  We don’t think we will see such a big difference seeing as neither of us eat much sugar as it is; just the occasional sweetened yogurt or some chocolate.  However, one of our motivations is that it will give us the ability to easily turn down treats that are forced on us.  We both dislike when people try to get us to eat unhealthy foods against our will, so it will give us a good excuse.


We're only eating sweet treats that grow on trees.

We’re only eating sweet treats that grow on trees.

Our five weeks started strong on Tuesday, with three healthy meals and a dessert of a melon eaten directly from the skin with a spoon…very sweet.  We’ll keep you updated!