Quality of Life

One might think that since Morocco is a developing country, the quality of life here would be significantly lower than in the US.  However, I would say that for me it is much higher, partly for personal reasons, but also partly due to aspects of life in Morocco that make things easy.

The trams run right through the center of town and are always very convenient.

The trams run right through the center of town and are always very convenient.

My quality of life is certainly higher here than it would be if I had stayed in Chicago.  First of all, the weather is much better; I no longer have to brace myself for below-freezing temperatures and strong winds every time I go out.  This means that walking around on a Sunday afternoon in December is pleasant instead of painful.  I live in a neighborhood where everything I need is easily available to me, and I can even run down to a little store right across the street for milk, eggs, and household items.  I often learn new French or Arabic words when I do so, because the shopkeepers are patient about teaching them to me.  The quality of the produce is much higher here, because it is shipped a shorter distance.  There is more variety, and everything I get is fresh because it is sold only when it is in season and at its best.  As you know if you have been reading my blog, I love shopping for vegetables, so varied produce is like heaven for me!  All of the food I eat and transportation I use is also much cheaper than it would be in the US.

It's hard to wait for these trains in the cold!

It’s hard to wait for these trains in the Chicago winters….

More specific to my situation is the fact that I take a school bus to work and so never have to wait for the public bus, and I am able to exercise using the school track and in my apartment, which has very big rooms.  My kitchen is beautiful and was already stocked with dishes and appliances when I arrived.  I live in a safer neighborhood than I did in Chicago, and though I’m sure there is plenty of crime in this big city, nobody has a gun, and public drunkenness is extremely rare.

It's much easier in the sunlight!

It’s much easier in the sunlight!

Morocco may still be developing, but I would say it is moving pretty quickly.  I hope Chicago can keep up!


3 thoughts on “Quality of Life

  1. Hi! Nice to find a blog about living in Casablanca! I have just been offered a job in the city, and I’m trying to consider my options. I’m a Canadian national, who is now living in Texas, so it would definitely be a change but at least I speak french and the opportunity sounds amazing!

    What part of the city would you recommend for male in their mid twenties?

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