Last weekend my sister came to visit from London, and we spent three days together in Casablanca and Rabat.  My sister is pretty cool if you don’t know her; she studies infectious diseases, she worked in India for two years, she speaks an impressive array of languages (and their Pig Latin variations), and she has pretty amazing self-timer camera skills.ImageOur outfits kind of match because we’re sisters.  Also, our mom made the sweater I’m wearing.  Aren’t we a cool family?  My dad is also cool, if you were wondering.

I visited my sister last fall around this same time, when she had just moved to London and I had been in Morocco (but not yet in Casa) for only a few months.  I think I visited her for a total of four days, but it seemed like forever because it was so challenging to get there from Ifrane, which is up in the Atlas Mountains and does not have a train station.  It also seemed like a long trip because everything was so different; the weather, the people, the scenery, the language, etc.  I also remember it giving me a lot of perspective on my own situation, which was certainly the case again with this visit, even though I didn’t go anywhere.


We tried to match our outfits, but our eyes already matched.

Sometimes I get totally caught up in my own life, my job, my friends, and my concerns, and a quick sister-visit reminds me of who I was before I came here and the values I grew up with.  I realize how my opinions are shaped by my family, and how others might have strong opinions based on what they were taught.  I also had a really good time bargain shopping, eating ice cream in November, going on long walks and on runs, watching Hindi movies with dubious messages, and matching our outfits to maximize our photo-taking opportunities.ImageI’d re-gift her flowers any day!

I hope my sister visits me again soon!  London is not so far away, and we are really so good at being sisters.


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