C’est le Moment ou Jamais

After church today, someone I had never met before came up to me and started speaking in French.  I understood him, and responded in French.  Then he said something else in French, and I responded to that and posed another question.  In French!  Back and forth and back and forth, like a conversation between two people.  I was pretty proud of myself.

They spoke French, too.

I’m shy in any language, so I have mostly practiced French with close friends of mine, and am often timid about speaking up in Francophone Situations.  I also feel really bad every time someone has to translate something for me; I think that if I’m living in a Francophone country, have a Francophone boyfriend, and go to a Francophone church, I should really be able to speak French.  Every chance I get to practice is a roller coaster of emotions (sort of) depending on how successful I am in speaking and understanding.  Sometimes I’ll have a long conversation in French with someone I know, and then someone I haven’t spoken to before will come ask me a question and I’ll have no clue how to respond.  Or I’ll understand a whole sermon and then will miss that the pastor just asked everyone to stand up.  Up and down on the roller coaster of Francophone emotion.


This is a real roller coaster.

Hopefully after a few more months, I’ll be a lot more confident about speaking French.  I’ll keep you updated.  And I’ll keep working my hardest to improve.  It’s now or never!

IMG_3346 copy

If this guy could speak, it would probably be in French.


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