The Conditions of Visiting Me in Morocco

Ever since I found out I’d be spending this next two years in Morocco, I’ve been telling all my friends to come visit me.  And I mean it; it is a beautiful country with many sights to see, and I love hosting people and seeing familiar faces.  However, I do have some rules.  My first one: don’t give me food poisoning.  Actually, that’s the only rule.

ImageNo one is as good a visitor as my mom, but you’re welcome to try.

Last night, some lovely American friends came to visit me for the evening.  They are on vacation in Morocco and scheduled a couple days in Casablanca, so I met up with them for the evening.  It ended up being a Monday night, so I suggested that they come over to my apartment and I would cook for them.  I was hoping that my hospitality would make up for the fact that they had to take a taxi or tram to get to my neighborhood.  Unfortunately, they refused my offer in favor of going to a restaurant.  I’m sure they had their reasons, but I was certainly disappointed, especially since they didn’t tell me until the morning of.  At that point I had already prepared most of the meal and baked cookies for them.  But I adhered to their wishes, taking them to a restaurant that had been recommended to me by several coworkers.


I guess I’ll be eating this delicious Tagine myself for the next week

In an unfortunate turn of events, I ended up giving those cookies I had so lovingly baked for my traveling compatriots to my dear assistant, who covered for me for two days while I was stuck in my apartment with an upset stomach.  This was my very first case of food poisoning in all my 7.5 months of adventurous eating in Morocco – which includes the first time I ate meat since the age of four.

ImageOkay, so not THAT adventurous.

  All of my friends out there are perfectly welcome to visit me in this beautiful country where it is even clean enough to drink the tap water, but please, no more food poisoning.


3 thoughts on “The Conditions of Visiting Me in Morocco

  1. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning.

    Actually I do have a few questions of my own: my wife and I will be visiting Morocco during the last week of November and we are still reading up and finalizing our itinerary 🙂
    Only after 2 days of reading, it is obvious that there is only a glimpse of this country can be seen in a week (actually 8 nights). However we would like to plan as optimally as possible and there is nothing as good as local info. Do you mind if I email you what itinerary we are thinking for your review and you suggest the optimal order in doing so ? I promise we won’t bug you much !


  2. I’m going to visit you and it’s going to be fun, but I find that pretty much everybody comes up lacking if you compare them to mom. Just to say, I will be fun but not as fun as mom.

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