Peanut Butter

Yes, this entry is just about peanut butter.  The search for quality peanut butter outside of the United States has been an ongoing challenge for me, so I think it warrants its own post.  In India and Morocco, the best peanut butter has added oil, and in most of Europe it has added sugar.  As a peanut butter purist, this does not cut it for me.  Is it really so hard to take some peanuts and squish them?  Apparently.  But here in Morocco, I am so incredibly fortunate as to have been provided with imported peanut butter.  Observe:

ImageThis beauty comes all the way from the Central African Republic, which is in fact a lot closer to Morocco than the United States.  Don’t worry about mailing me peanut butter, Mom; I’m set for at least a few months!  My boyfriend’s mom sent this to him, and he gave it to me to use in cooking.  Which I do, nearly every day.  I also eat PB&J just about daily.  So there is some proof that I’m doing okay here in Morocco.

Update: Peanut butter cookies



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